Braun Thermoscan Ear

Brand: Braun
Product Code: Kulaktan Ateş Ölçer IRT 4520
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Fever Thermometer IRT4520 Braun Thermoscan Ear
Product Features:
Can be viewed measuring range: 34 - 42.2 ° C (93.2-108 ° F)
Necessary for the operation temperature range: 10-40 ° C (50-104 ° F)
Display resolution: 0.1 º C or º F
Accuracy: ± 0.2 ° C (35.5-42 ° C) (95.9-107.6 ° F)
Clinically, the re-edilebilirilik: ± 0.14 ° C (± 0.26 ° F)
Battery Life: 2 Years / 1000 measurement
Production Location: Germany
Belongs to the brand Country: Germany
Greetings Rep Age Range: 0 Months and Up
Lifetime: determined and announced by the Ministry of the useful life is 10 years.
Quality / Certificates: CE
Compliance with standards:
DIN Most 60601-1:3 / 96 Medical Electrically-powered device
General safety standards
DIN EN 12470-5:2003 Clinical Fever Thermometer - Infrared ear gauge shot performance (maximum product)
With the quality documentation and approval certificate, and within a few seconds, relying on the use
accurate measurement is always professional ...
With exac Temp technology, the measurement feedback system in order to confirm that the
To indicate that it is installed correctly and accurately measure sound and light warning system.
The new flexible tip for use in a more gentle
Memory function (8 Measuring capacity memory)
Intended Use and Conditions: Your baby may arise from the fire and keep it under control
measures in advance in order to receive unwanted situations
Why Fever Thermometer Ear? The main purpose of measuring fire, the fire of the body,
In other words, measure the temperature of vital organs.
Measured in the ear shoot accurately reflects the internal temperature of the body.
Because the tympanic membrane, blood, brain, together with the temperature
control center hipotalamuz provides the same vein.
Therefore, the changes in internal temperature of the body, the ear than the other parts of the body,
in a shorter time and more accurately determined.
Why Braun? The number 1 choice of doctors and mothers.
Among other infrared temperature gauges in the world,
the most commonly used by doctors and moms brand.
Product Description
Replacement Filter
Replacement Filter Detector
ExacTemp light
I / O and Memory Switch On-Off
Battery Compartment Cover
Head Protective Cover
Durable Storage Bowl
Memory Functions:
The latest measured value is stored and displayed on the
screen automatically when the device again.
The latest measurement <> symbol is displayed with.
Package Includes:
Braun ThermoScan ear-fire measures
-Protective cap
-21 Pieces of disposable lens filter
-Now items for use in battery placed into 2 pieces AKALIN.
Care and Cleaning:
The most sensitive part of the tip of the lens unit.
Always keep it clean and to ensure the accuracy of the measurement on the lens inserted
is very important to keep a spare filter.
If you accidentally shoot ölçerinizi olmasızın use of replacement filters,
such as the following to the end of the lens clean.
To clean the body of the device, and the display, soft, dry, clean cloth.
Do not use abrasive cleaning agents.
Keep away from water or any other liquids.
Warranty Terms and Conditions: Valid cases other than user error.
Warranty Period: 2 Years
Product Features: 170 tl

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