Varicose Socks Over Knee Medium Pressure

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Varicose Socks Medium Pressure Below Knee
(Vitamed CCL 2 MD)
Knee-length socks .
Vitamed medium-pressure treatment
of vascular disease .
More serious symptoms, prominent varicose veins .
Or moderate payments, minor ulcers after relusyonu .
Sclerosis (hardening) and varicose veins after surgical intervention .
Deep vein thrombosis and deep venous deficiencies is recommended 
CCL II hPa 32/43 23/31 mmHg, the equivalent of up to a class of the pressure .
Bunion and the skin, lack of food for diabetics who
FINGER ON is available .* Vitamed pressure foot, leg and hip, foot perfectly,
Proudly announces the introduction of socks featuring THERAPY .
Step-by-step, this pressure, blood circulation, makes .
To be thrown out of the water, edema and vascular failure
tool supports recovery from symptoms due to an ideal balance .
CAUTION, wearing wrinkled socks Varicose careful no .
Because of the blood circulation can prevent foot and hand
nails always maintained all the time .
Because it could hurt hosiery .
Protect from chemicals in creams and socks of all kinds is strictly .
Socks enemy: hot water, washing machines and detergents .
After dialing the reverse socks in warm water, rubbing with soap wash .
Shadow and airy and dry place.

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